Dynamics 365

Supporting the Superstructure

A thriving business can’t afford to neglect its base. Thinkmax is helping builder Brigil shore up its finance and operations with a powerful new digital platform supporting new growth and success.

Brigil has been building super structures in the National Capital Region for over 30 years. The company is renowned for the quality of it residential and commercial construction and its commitment to supporting an exceptional quality of life in the master-planned communities it develops. With its extraordinary success, it recently found itself struggling to maintain momentum using the out-dated processes and systems it had been relying on to manage finance and operations. It needed a fully digitalized solution that would eliminate all the spreadsheets and silo-ing and laborious in-person information gathering on projects and procurement.

Our answer for Brigil was to embark on a full-scale implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations in the cloud--an agile, cost-effective platform for:

  • Eliminating paper-based processes
  • Integrating and automating operations
  • Accelerating financial information gathering, analysis and reporting
  • Improving decision making with real-time visibility into project status, supply chain management and business performance


From the outset, several key challenges confronted us. To keep costs in line, we needed to minimize customization by maximizing basic system capabilities. To keep Brigil free to concentrate on its core business, we needed to minimize the company’s allocation of resources to the project. Responsibility for implementation would have to be ours. To ensure that the solution delivered now but also in the future, we needed to support comprehensive knowledge transfer to employees and oversee integration with supplier processes.


We approached meeting these imperatives with a carefully conceived plan for implementation in two waves. The initial wave itself was to consist of two phases, the first addressing finance and the second, project management, customer service and supply management. The second wave, which is still to come, is to optimize and enhance platform components once they are in place and stabilized.


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