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Gilding the Lily

Helping a famously successful purveyor of high fashion and luxury accessories inspire even greater loyalty among its charmed customers might be called gilding the lily. We rolled out a modern POS solution for this storied global company to achieve just that.

For retailers at the highest end of the market, establishing a relationship of trust with each individual customer is a key driver of success. This is a clientele from whom much is expected and who have the right to demand much in return. Our client has been enthralling markets worldwide with a range of exceptional luxury products for more than a century. Even so, they realized they needed to up their game with a POS solution that would equip them to realize the full benefits of modern clienteling and radically enhance client experiences.


They turned to Thinkmax for help upgrading their existing Microsoft Dynamics platform (which we had installed on a previous occasion) with a Microsoft Commerce Modern Point of Sales component. Our task was complicated by an operational environment that sees them sell through their own independent stores but more often through stores within larger department stores. We had to work with our client’s existing platform but also with the billing system of the host store. Once roll out of this Thinkmax-designed solution is complete, the client’s own internal development team will extend the roll out worldwide. On this phase of the project, Thinkmax will serve, as we’ve done in the past, as the company’s expert global advisor.

Our client now has the advanced clienteling capabilities that empower employees to deliver an all-embracing, flawless customer service. Whether remotely or at the till, sale associates have the detailed information they need to recommend or source or package or deliver products according to the specific tastes or requirements of each individual customer. Our solution has helped gild an excellent company with a new level of excellence.


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