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Woodbine Entertainment Group

Woodbine Entertainment Group


Dynamics 365

Crossing the Line in First

When you are in the stretch and trying to pull ahead, you need a partner and not just a passenger. Thinkmax is helping Woodbine Entertainment Group realize its bold new vision for leisure in Ontario.

The largest operator of professional horse racing in Canada, Woodbine is pursuing an ambitious plan for developing a major multidimensional entertainment complex on a 700-arce Toronto site. Seeking to integrate its horse racing business with new offerings including shows, shopping, dining and casino-gambling, the firm needed a modern enterprise resource planning solution to replace disparate obsolete systems and keep its vision on track. Above all, it needed a trusted relationship with a strong partner ready to meet any challenges that arose during this major project’s year-long implementation timeframe.

Thinkmax entered the race with a fully integrated solution based on Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations in a cloud environment. A team of Thinkmax experts drawn together from our Mississauga and Montreal offices created one single platform to support powerful new capabilities for unifying general ledger financial management with systems managing sourcing, procurement and inventory. From asset management and capital project accounting to financial reporting and business intelligence, our team simplified and optimized processes to provide Woodbine with greater oversight and control.

Still ongoing, Woodbine’s project is very complex. It has many moving parts that have presented numerous challenges and a few surprises. In addition to having met all stated project goals, Thinkmax has consistently stepped foreword to provide support as new needs and challenges arose. A number of proven Thinkmax accelerators were deployed to ensure that implementation remained on time and on budget. Our aim has been to serve as Woodbine’s true partner, determined to keep them winning today but also tomorrow.


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