Business Applications & ERP

Since inception, Thinkmax’s offering is architecting and implementing business applications and ERP systems built around the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem with industry-specific focus. Our certified expertise and years of experience, combined with a proven methodology and customer-centric approach, has earned us the notoriety and reputation as one of the best in the domain.

Focused Specializations


With financial operations at the heart of a healthy organization, almost all our ERP implementations include a finance component. Our team brings solution-specific expertise as well as industry proficiency to the table to ensure your project is a great success.


Achieving high operational efficiency in any organization depends greatly on optimal business processes and systems that support them. Thinkmax’s team works diligently to ensure that every task in your system is optimally mapped so your organization attains maximum efficiency and productivity.

Supply Chain

Supply chain capabilities are becoming a critical piece of every successful organization. With industry-specific expertise, our team will deliver and implement solutions taking into consideration every detail of your business’ entire value chain giving you a competitive edge to compete and win.

Cloud Infrastructure

Thinkmax’ leading cloud expertise enables our teams to support every business application implementation to leverage Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure and all its advantages and benefits. From security and scalability to reliability and agility, all our implementations are cloud first for safe and accelerated growth.


In many industries, Thinkmax’ Commerce expertise is a critical differentiator in helping clients build unified experiences in B2C, B2B & B2X. From warehouse and order management to fulfilment and merchandising, our team is highly qualified and capable of supporting your commerce vision.


Within every organization, having the functionalities and capabilities to manage HR are becoming a core component of every ERP system. Thinkmax’ team will consult you and map your HR requirements from hiring to retiring, to simplify and optimize the process.

Business Applications & ERP, the New Normal

Business applications and ERP systems are not the big, black boxes they used to be. Modern technologies and cloud are now mainstream and bring a new way to tackle an ERP implementation. With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, your organization can prioritize implementing the business applications and capabilities you need to unify, standardize and automate day-to-day processes, while maintaining visibility and adding functionality for long-term growth.

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