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Smart Project Operations for Better Outcomes

Efficiency and the ability to maximize productivity, profitability and ensure a steady cash flow for every project are fundamental drivers of success in the complex E&C sector. Thinkmax's expertise and ConstructReady industry solution enable E&C organizations to adopt smart project management, digital collaboration and connected operations.

Smarter Projects for Higher Efficiency

As projects and contracts become more complex, construction companies consolidate, and global competition increases, the pressure on senior executives to ensure project profitability intensifies. Poor visibility and control over project costs, risk and performance can severely damage profitability. The adoption of modern technology to access data insights in real-time and smart project management tools are critical to E&C organizations' success.

The Thinkmax Difference

E&C Industry Expertise

Team of industry-focused experts with a rare level of knowledge and experience bringing impactful ideas with concrete solutions.

Critical Data Insights for Smarter Projects

ConstructReady solution provides real-time insights enabling decision makers to act promptly and smartly manage their projects in a new digital and mobile world.

Modular Blueprint Solution

Complete blueprint solution for E&C organizations enabling full deployment or specific key component activation.

Accelerators for Rapid Deployments

Pre-conceived, best-practice frameworks, tools and applications ensuring rapid and efficient deployments.

Bullet Proof Methodology

Proven methodology for strategy and business applications deployment developed and tweaked across 10 years of successful project implementation.

The Power of Cloud

Our industry-leading expertise and capabilities around Microsoft Azure Cloud bring unlimited scalability, advanced data protection and security measures at an affordable cost. 

We Are a Distinguished Optimizely and Microsoft Partner


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