Building a longstanding roadmap

How to identify the right technology framework for your digital transformation

You’ve acknowledged that your business must make its move toward digital transformation. Identifying key business objectives and knowing which key pillars to focus on are critical to a successful journey, but it’s equally important to choose the right technology framework and build a roadmap.

At Thinkmax we believe that there’s only one comprehensive technology framework in the market capable of supporting an organisational (small, medium or large enterprise) digital transformation and it’s Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Azure Cloud – not any cloud… 

Building on the Microsoft stack, the Azure Cloud offers unparalleled agility and cost-savings to help your business grow at its own pace, with embedded intelligence across all apps for better, faster decision-making and a true competitive edge. 

Productivity & Collaboration tools – the ones you know and use 

Your employees are already using everyday productivity tools like Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. So, a logical first step is to digitally empower them by bringing all these familiar tools into the cloud with Office 365 and adding apps like OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams and Skype for real-time collaboration, mobility, and knowledge sharing.

ERP – for maximum operational performance 

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s powerful SaaS (Software as a Service), integrating CRM and ERP into one service to provide end-to-end business functionalities: Sales, Marketing, Finance, Project Service Automation, Customer Service, Operations, and Field Service. 

The AppSource - so many ways to drive more business

Microsoft AppSource is your destination to quickly find the right apps, solutions, and extensions to help drive your business. It gives you access to thousands of best-of-breed solutions to customize your ecosystem, all built on the same technology stack, working naturally with the Microsoft solutions you already use.

Innovation & Intelligence - democratizing innovation

A key benefit of digital is the possibility to track, measure, and report every single activity and action. PowerBI is infused in all your Microsoft solutions so you can visualize relevant data and KPIs in customizable dashboards and monitor the real-time performance of your digital business. The power of this 360-degree view of your business, whatever your role and requirements, brings to light all the ways you can optimize processes and experiences to be more productive and more profitable.

Take your next step toward the digital transformation journey. Talk to us. Thinkmax will ensure you make the smartest moves with the best technology.