DynamicsCon Live 2024 highlights: Articulating the possible, with Thinkmax driving to succeed


Thinkmax was a proud sponsor of 2024’s DynamicsCon Live, held this year in Denver, Colorado from May 13th – 16th. This even gathered many of the experts and luminaries amongst end-users and solution providers in the ever-changing world of Dynamics.


Exchanging knowledge with the brightest

This year, event attendees were learning about the very best in Dynamics operations, planning and user practices from every area across the spectrum. Thinkmax took part to help share our wealth of knowledge amongst attendees.  What people love about Dynamics is its customizability, extensibility, the rich depth of insights it provides into data. What’s especially driven user’s passion for Dynamics in the past few years has been its analytics and AI integration to help drive complex insights from complex data. 

To help drive that passion, and spark new ideas at the event, there were various workshops, knowledge sessions, stations to learn from others and Ask the Experts about any number of problems that could be potentially plaguing any attendee or implementation. This is on top of the many different luncheons and social events to allow different people from across different industries and share best practices and insights, when they might not normally be aware. 


Inspiring with insight 

Thinkmax, a leading Microsoft Implementation partner in Dynamics, and Inner circle member, hosted took part in helping to lead both panels, and events to help attendees learn and grow in their expertise within the Dynamics platform. Richard Dennis, Vice-President of Thinkmax’s CE practice helped lead a session driving insight into better practices within CE that would be applicable with most Dynamics CE Environments. In addition, Thinkmax worked alongside another partner, Resco, to host a cocktail event where experts from a variety of different business, and experts in the field of Dynamics could divulge some of their favorite ways to drive innovation in the Dynamics space. 



Activating through action

One of the biggest benefits of events such as DynamicsCon Live for attendees and companies like Thinkmax, is the ability to stay in touch with the newest and most innovative thinking in Dynamics, the market, the whims and needs throughout the multitude of companies using Microsoft Dynamics, and driving dialogues for future opportunities, collaboration, and opportunities to come together as a team and community. 
At Thinkmax, we met a lot of wonderful people over the course of the event, and we look forward to driving more collaboration, no matter how you use Microsoft Dynamics 365. 
With so much passion for the product that is Dynamics 365, we’re always looking to help drive success in Dynamics, whether it’s with Finance & Operations, Customer Engagement, eCommerce or more. Connect with us today so we can help you! 


Article written by Will Schink, Business Development Representative at Thinkmax.