How Optimizely drives positive business outcomes through unified commerce experiences


For organizations seeking enterprise software to drive exceptional customer experiences, Optimizely DXP (Digital Experience Platform) is second to none. Ranked as a leading DXP by both Forrester and Gartner, this modular solution helps businesses differentiate in a new world, driven by growth, creativity and data.

As a partner, Thinkmax attended Optimizely annual event Opticon where we got first-hand product updates and how they can power your unified commerce needs. There’s something for everyone, a solution for every kind of business, every maturity level, every existing technology stack. Let’s break it down.

A complete, unified, and modular solution

Optimizely DXP is a comprehensive platform with a set of fully complimentary tools that help B2B and B2C organizations orchestrate, monetize and experiment. Depending on your digital commerce strategy and goals, as well as your existing tech stack, you can implement, integrate, and extend your ecosystem to drive real business outcomes:

  • Increase revenue
  • Decrease customer acquisition cost
  • Decrease total cost of ownership
  • Improve customer and marketer experiences

How to orchestrate exceptional experiences

It all stems from having the ability to create, manage and optimize content. Optimizely’s Content Marketing System and Content Management System are each market leaders on their own accord. They were designed to transform the way your team plans, creates and publishes content, and accelerate time-to-market.

Content MarketingA platform to share plans, collaborate on assets and flawlessly execute campaigns. Some of the features include planning calendars, campaign templates, intake forms and routing.

Content ManagementA leading-edge CMS to design compelling experiences with visual content editing, channel-based previews, multi-site management and a ton of other features.

See how Optimizely compares with your traditional CMS

How to monetize experiences

Optimizely’s Commerce tools are designed to handle the complexities of B2C and B2B enterprise commerce needs. The out-of-the-box features and capabilities accelerate monetization and maximize revenue growth by delivering modern, relevant commerce experiences your customers will love. You can also extend with tools like Optimizely’s Product Information Management (PIM), Commerce Insights and Mobile Commerce tools.

B2C Commerce: Run multiple shops, inventory, and a catalog online and/or offline. This product includes Product Management, Order Management and Cart & Checkout features right out-of-the box.

B2B Commerce: Integrate, scale, and distribute your manufacturing and distribution shop. Some built-in features include Catalog Management, Kist Management and Quick Order, Cart & Checkout.

How to take experimentation to the next level

When we mentioned earlier how Optimizely is built for commerce in a new world driven by growth, creativity, and data, it’s because of the boundless possibilities of continuously testing and gathering insights that optimize experiences, reduce risk, and drive business results. Optimizely’s feature management and experimentation tools have also been ranked as leaders in the category by Forrester.

Web experimentation: Take the guesswork out of the equation and use real customer data to optimize processes, experiment everywhere and personalize every touchpoint. Some of the features to simplify web experimentation include visual editor & preview, running concurrent experiments, and stats accelerator. Enhancement tools include Optimizely Program Management and Personalization Insights.

Feature experimentation: Remotely manage and experiment on features server-side and in your apps. This helps reduce risk by being able to test new features with specific user segments with capabilities like rollouts, kill switches and multi-armed bandits.

How to leverage Optimizely for a complete digital experience lifecycle

Your customer data is gold, and Optimizely brings that data to light leveraging AI and customer behaviors to deliver recommendations for content, products, personalized emails, and search results. It’s a loop powered by Optimizely that empowers your team to always create and deliver optimized, unified, and personalized customer experiences with your brand across all digital touchpoints.

The digital experience lifecycle loop:


  • Analyze: The first step in the lifecycle. Analyze is about using data to know what to do.
  • Ideate: Optimizely helps you centralize where your team ideates on new digital experiences and streamline the entire planning and strategy process from end-to-end.​
  • Develop: Collaborate with your team to create world-class content and merchandise experiences that capture (and delight) your digital audience. ​
  • Engage: Deliver personalized content and give your audience a highly relevant (and highly valuable) digital experience. ​
  • Experiment: Set up tests to assess customer behaviors and begin generating data to support future decision-making. ​
  • Learn: finally, review behaviors, determine which pieces of content performed best, and fine-tune digital experiences for each audience segment. ​

Is Optimizely right for your organization?

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