Thinkmax webinar | Optimize Reporting & Analytics for Dynamics 365

Wednesday, February 16 - 10:00 - 11:00 AM EST

Are you a Dynamics 365 User struggling to generate reports? Do you find it takes too long to acquire data and transform it into meaningful information? Are IT resources challenged to provide rapid response to the inquiry demands of the business.  Is getting the data out of Dynamics 365 simply too complicated? 

This is a must-attend webinar if you are: 

  • Rationalizing how to leverage tools like Power BI for your Dynamics 365 deployment; 

  • Addressing a skills shortage in data management and data warehousing; 

  • Deliver an automated data warehouse solution that has a holistic view of Dynamics 365.

Join Thinkmax to learn how to accelerate your Business Intelligence journey through ZAP Data Hub.