Santé Naturelle Adrien Gagnon
Santé Naturelle Adrien Gagnon

Santé Naturelle Adrien Gagnon


Dynamics 365

Making it natural

Rapid growth can pose challenges for the digestion. We helped Santé Naturelle, a leader in natural health products, keep it healthy with a natural platform for standardizing processes and achieving synergies.

Health is a burgeoning business, especially for companies catering to increasing consumer demand for natural health products. Santé Naturelle has been a prime beneficiary of the trend experiencing a rapid and substantial increase in sales. A sting in the tail of its good fortune, however, has been the challenges it has faced managing the expansion with obsolete business processes and systems. The challenges were acute because the enterprise, while not a pharmaceutical company, must nevertheless comply with Health Canada regulation. Santé needed a modern digital platform that could help it digest growth not only today but tomorrow.

Thinkmax stepped forward with an integrated, nimble cloud-based solution leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operation and an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system from ISV TruCommerce. Our platform automated workflows and processes touching on finance, production, warehousing, inventory, purchasing and sales. It provided instant access to key decision-making dashboards. It smoothed regulatory compliance by meeting traceability requirements more efficiently. It liberated employees from performing tasks such as sales reporting manually. It reduced errors. Among it most attractive benefits for our client was the cost-effectiveness it provided as a solution based in the cloud.


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