A Flexible Infrastructure for Innovation

The entertainment industry is witnessing many new and exciting opportunities thanks to technology and digital experiences. With our expertise and solutions, Thinkmax introduces a technology stack that converts innovation and vision into reality.

Capitalizing on Digital Experiences and Data

No other industry has been as successful at leveraging digital to create new experiences as the entertainment sector. From streaming and virtual to online communities, interactions and collaborations, the sky's the limit. To continue enhancing user experiences and bring new visions to life, they must capitalize on a strong ecosystem and infrastructure as well as user behaviour data.

The Thinkmax Difference

Entertainment Industry Expertise

Our team's experience is at the heart of every initiative we undertake in this field. In addition to the rigour and technical strength we bring to every project, our key players help conceive innovative business ideas and processes.

An Approach for Industry-Leading Transformation

Thinkmax' approach delivers continuous advancement to players in the entertainment sector with modern solutions built around the Microsoft Cloud, and business applications to support innovation and evolving business needs.

Modular Blueprint Solution

Complete blueprint solution for the entertainment industry enabling full deployment or specific key component activation.

Accelerators for Rapid Deployments

Pre-conceived best-practice frameworks, tools and applications ensuring rapid and efficient deployments.

Bullet Proof Methodology

Proven methodology for strategy and business applications deployment developed and tweaked across 10 years of successful project implementation.

The Power of Cloud

Our industry-leading expertise and capabilities around Microsoft Azure Cloud bring unlimited scalability, advanced data protection and security measures at an affordable cost.

We Are a Distinguished Optimizely and Microsoft Partner


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