Dynamics 365

Setting the Building Blocks in Place

Lifting a business to a new level requires a firm footing. We helped Techo-Bloc build a solid platform for unifying operations and supporting rapid expansion.

Techo-Bloc is North America’s leading manufacturer of concrete paving products for residential, commercial and industrial applications. With several facilities across North America — some of them very newly acquired — the company found itself challenged to integrate multiple operations, drive performance and efficiencies and support additional expansion. It needed an innovative new enterprise resource planning solution and an implementation partner who could deliver based on a true understanding of the business and its needs. Techo-Bloc chose Thinkmax after consulting Microsoft about implementation partners past customers were recommending.

Working closely with Techo-Bloc to identify pain points, Thinkmax implemented a Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform that drove automation and efficiency across the entire business. This fully integrated business-management solution improved inventory-management controls, shipment accuracy and logistics processes. Providing exceptional real-time visibility into a new world of automated transactions, it provided powerful new support for business decision-making. Thinkmax kept the project on target using Thinkmax Rethink methodology and adhering to a strict schedule of milestones.


Techo-Bloc & Thinkmax Success Story

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