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Measuring up for global expansion

When Averna determined that their digital transformation wasn’t measuring up, this force in test engineering recognized they needed help. Initially engaged for ad hoc support, Thinkmax eventually became a full partner in rescuing their implementation and driving business success with our core and site methodology.


Vision and objectives

In only two decades, Averna grew from a three-person operation in Montreal, Canada to a global enterprise with over 400 employees providing Global 1,000 companies with leading test and quality assurance solutions and services. Averna’s organizational structure and evolving client needs required the company to develop a more nimble and decentralized approach that involved complex coordination among its international branches.

They needed a strong ERP to support their growth, including a 5-year plan for US and European acquisitions, and their vision to be the first global player in their industry to seamlessly assist global clients.


Business and technology challenges

Like many companies, the main driver for their ERP transformation was a really outdated system and very few internal experts to manage it. A very volatile and high-risk business situation.

A fully integrated business model with many legal entities in many countries, they had to support complex inter-company operations. It was essential to unify data, operations, and processes on a single platform, so everything was streamlined and seamless for their clients.

The success of their business was leveraging talent from across the world, and with highly customized projects and fragmented systems, it had become a nightmare to coordinate, manage and consolidate costs. They needed real-time visibility and transparency across every aspect of every project.


Outcomes and immediate benefits

Averna chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations cloud platform and has successfully migrated its entire operations in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

Their new Project Module, key to their success, allows them to be really highly detailed and track costs and profitability for every project from anywhere in the world same day.  

The quality of the decision making from these accurate financial statements has been a game changer.

Now cloud-based, they are leveraging a single, always updated platform and new capabilities to withstand the tests of exponential growth, and internal champions to pioneer it.