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When Averna determined that their digital transformation wasn’t measuring up, this force in test engineering recognized they needed help. Initially engaged for ad hoc support, Thinkmax eventually became a full partner in rescuing their implementation and driving business success.

In only two decades, Averna has grown from a three-person operation in Montreal to a world-wide enterprise of over 400 employees providing Global 1000 companies with leading test and quality engineering services. With rapid growth has come significant challenge. Even a s expansion to Europe and the United States in creased the complexity of Averna’s organizational structure, evolving client needs increasingly required the company to develop a more nimble and decentralized approach often involving complex coordination among its international branches. Its existing obsolete ERP system proving inadequate to the task, the company needed a more capable, cutting-edge solution, with enhanced BI delivering real time, organized data.

Thinkmax joined the project midstream. Averna’s first impulse was to manage the implementation internally with assistance from an external integrator. But when this initial partner faltered, Averna turned to Thinkmax—on an ad hoc basis to begin with but eventually as an essential, fully integrated contributor to their team. At a crucial moment, when Averna lost some key internal resources and were challenged to move their chosen Dynamics 365 on-premises platform to the cloud, we able to apply our own substantial resources and bring our client to a successful go-live only six months after initial involvement.