CMS vs. DXP for customer-centric retail experiences


Is a Digital Experience Platform Right for Your Business?

When it comes to transformative retail, seamless and personalized omnichannel customer experiences are at the core. In order to meet rising expectations in a rapidly evolving retail environment, understanding the differences between Content and eCommerce solutions is key to finding the right fit for your business and for your customers. 

This eBook covers the four most important capabilities depending on the types of customer experiences you’re envisioning, and how Content Management Systems compare to Digital Experience Platforms to get you there.  

Download this eBook and learn how to transform your retail:

  • Create content in minutes and re-use it across touchpoints
  • Feature products and create frictionless shopping experiences
  • Personalize the customer journey every time they engage with your brand
  • Rapidly innovate and optimize experiences based on real-time intelligence