What I have been learning in my first year as a consultant

Throughout the years I have sat in many conversations listening as people compare salaries, bonuses, and vacations. “If I’m making six figures, I don’t care if I hate my job”, has remained engraved in my mind since I heard it. These are called extrinsic rewards; they are tangible and fairly simple to measure. Although these are important to an extent (key word here), starting my career at Thinkmax a year and a half ago, I have learned they are not a sustainable source of happiness. This is because I have benefited not only from extrinsic ones, but more importantly, Thinkmax’s many intrinsic rewards.

I truly believe employees reach their full potential with intrinsic benefits. That is, feeling a sense of purpose in their career, directly contributing to their personal and professional development. There are three primary intrinsic advantages that I have received from Thinkmax, I am not listing them in a particular order of importance as I believe all three are equally important.